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Meet Maple Babe, Skyler!

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Meet Maple Babe, Skyler!

Hello Maple babes! My name is Skyler. I've been working here at Maple Boutique for about a year and let me just say I LOVE IT! I'm currently a high school student at Rancho Cucamonga High. I'm excitedly awaiting the day I graduate and start down my own path.

I will keep pursuing my relationship with God, friends and my amazing family. Whatever career path that has that adventure that I'm passionate for... hint I don't know yet! But for now in my spare time I live for spontaneous friend outings, surf trips/beach days, traveling, church and spend time with rad family!

How would you best describe your style?

I would best describe my style as "urban chill" because there are days when I'm feeling myself and I can dress with purpose. Then there are the days when I've gotta throw on whatever and just rock what I go! My style is definitely go with the flow and chill!

What is your current favorite fashion trend?

Currently my favorite fashion friends are 70's swag with flared jeans and scrunchies all day everyday ;-). I've gotta keep things OG with my typical comfy tee paired with ripped jeans and sassy boots, with a wide brim hat!

What is your top 3 favorite pieces at Maple right now?

Currently my 3 favorite pieces at Maple right now are:


Click on the names or photos to shop these pieces!


Baby It's Cold Sweater

Baby It's Cold Sweater

December is here and it's finally getting colder! Baby It's Cold Sweater is the perfect sweater to throw on for those chill days! Perfect for a casual look with jeans or with a skirt.

Warm At Home Sweater

Warm At Home Sweater

Warm At Home Sweater is cozy enough for those days you just want to stay at home and watch Netflix. This warm orange sweater can be paired with a pair of jeans and sneakers or booties if you wan't to look more dressed up :)

The Plaid Pants

The Plaid Pants

The black and white Plaid Pants  can be paired with one of our sweaters and sneakers for a casual look!

Thanks for reading! Comment below how you would style these items. Stay tuned for next week's blog post!


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